Black Copper Marans Hatching Eggs - 18 Exactly

Black Copper Marans Hatching Eggs - 18 Exactly

We have provided many photos to help highlight what most of our eggs look like.  There will always be variation in the darkness of the eggs.  The same hen that lays a 7 one day could lay a 5 another day. We try to ensure that each order gets as many dark eggs as possible. 


Also, realize that the genetics of the rooster has a big impact on egg color.  All of our roosters have come out of 8/9 eggs so even if you are hatching a lighter color egg, the resulting chick should lay much darker. 


Happy hatching and good luck!


    Feel free to email us before ordering. Once you have placed an order you will receive an email with information about availability. 


    • Eggs are placed in pool noodles, sandwiched between layers of bubble wrap and shredded paper. 
    • The box is marked with fragile stickers. 
    • The maximum number of eggs that can be shipped in one box is 18. 
    • They are taken to the post office directly and shipped USPS priority mail Monday through Thursday